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Topics for reasoning are not given so that we can teach you a concrete result, but so that we learn to think correctly. Do you like to read? Now it is very rare to meet a person who gives up everything and indulges in reading his favorite book. The easiest literature to understand is popular literature.

Of course, philosophy is most useful for developing thinking and looking at the mechanism of the development of the universe. In the first years of university philosophy is the basic science in the curriculum. Because this science lays the foundations and abstract systemic and figurative thinking.

Many students skip these lectures and do not consider it necessary to teach this subject. But after years, we grow up and understand what a push in development we received thanks to seminars and lectures on philosophy. Although there are people who in 40 years do not reach the truths of philosophy. It is extremely difficult for them to perceive theories, scientific dogmas, and postulates.

The world is so constituted that not everyone is destined to comprehend the most ancient axioms of human thought. Aristotle and Plato created entire schools of idealism and materialism, and so far these teachings have been disputed and accepted by the followers of scientists.

In such ancient times, thinkers have already come up with the fact that even after thousands of years, we read their books and try to uncover the essence of every famous utterance. This clearly shows us the breadth and depth of consciousness of the ancient generation.

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