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We often write poems, notes in the phone or publish statements in microblogs, comments and other ways of conveying information. And the most attentive will precisely find out that all this is done with a public context. We seem to be talking to ourselves, but at the same time, we casually attract the public to our person.

Anyway, we create a cloud of dust around the person to be a more powerful figure. This usually happens because of a lack of love and attention in real life. Or when a person is completely focused on virtual reality. And to re-tune to an absolutely opposite lifestyle is a process from the category of something impossible.

The desire to show all the moments of their everyday life to paparazzi and the audience is not a whim; it is a way of self-expression. Publicity paints personality when it is filled like a vessel. And if the vessel is empty, then the excessive exponent is very destructive and can easily destroy the person. The person’s behavior and habits change diametrically when you play in public.

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