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We love to watch movies, TV shows, famous talk shows, and humorous programs. After some time, we begin to worry about the program participants as close friends. And sometimes we meet with actors and media personalities on TV screens much more often than with relatives and close friends.

In addition, we spend 1-2 hours of time every night on the lives of other people. While our life is passing by. Moreover, when we sit down on TV shows and television programs, we miss the most important and interesting events. You are filled with feelings and energy that each program broadcasts.

Let it be a negative or the most joyful emotions, but they are absolutely alien. Without all these quiet shows, our reality remains empty and worthless. Dependence on the media and especially on TV is the most frequent dependence in the 21st century, along with the Internet. It is better to turn off the program, call a friend and meet him in person over a cup of coffee in a cafe or take a walk around the city.

Not a single gadget and device will replace our live communication. And outside of communication, we collapse and degrade our mind and our inner mental structure. We become closed, blocked through social networks and television channels. So we cut off communication with the outside world and dwell only on ourselves.

When you get SoundCloud downloads then you maintain excellent communication with the outside world and each listener. We appreciate all the very present. Especially when we think about actions, about feelings, about attachments. With SoundCloud downloads, you live every moment, feeling every second and every minute.

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