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Do you like theater? People say that theater art is the lot of the elite stratum of society. And partly they are right. Firstly, because in order to watch the theater and have a genuine urge and interest in performances, you need to internally mature to this. Have you noticed that the children of their parents always force them to go to performances?

Or women can barely persuade their gentlemen to reduce them to a musical or an opera. For women, this day turns into a holiday, and for men, it becomes a torment and a formal tick in the head that in the coming year it will definitely not come here. This suggests a low culture of the population and the inability of people to perceive high and subtle things. Of course, this is not a mass culture, which is understandable even to the most uneducated person.

Growing up, some children still get a love for the theater and regularly want world performances. In large cities, this is an accessible place of leisure, although tickets are bought up long before the performance and have a high price, especially when a foreign troupe comes on tour.

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