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Most of us live in big cities. Everywhere we are surrounded by tall houses, the shadows of which block the sun. Industrial centers replace green parks and promenades. And yes, technical progress is to blame for this, which sets its goals for the development of industrial sectors on a pedestal.

On the other hand, many companies are now advocating for the preservation of the environment. And by all means, they even build cafes, parks and green spaces on the roofs of the skyscrapers. And this is a great alternative to the absence of greenery in large metropolitan areas.

But when the sun is accessible without obstacles, and in every yard, there are ponds, lakes, blooming flower beds, this at times improves the quality of life of citizens. In fact, the absence of greenery is not just a violation of the visual urban landscape, it primarily destroys the ecology and cleanliness of the climate.

The less green plants and free space we see around our homes, the more it affects our health and well-being throughout the day. And for this reason, residents of noisy cities acquire chronic diseases, depressions, and other mental disorders.

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