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Now all the benefits of humanity are available to us. People with steadily high income fly to Milan for shopping, visit Paris to watch the opera, fly to Spain to make a haircut at a high-class hairdresser. For some, this is an absurd and unprecedented luxury. Because 70 percent of people simply cannot afford to have a rest abroad once a year.

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Such people who are accustomed to luxurious life and not thinking about tomorrow, as a rule, avoid stores from the mass market series. They are given the pleasure of exceptional things. The very thought that he possesses a one-of-a-kind thing brings him unrealistic emotions. After all, we are very proud and love when shopping consoles our ego.

Things from antiques or handicrafts find a great response from such connoisseurs. When you purchase followers on Etsy, then you allow the buyer to become the sole owner of a rare thing. Etsy followers elevate your work in the eyes of a bohemian audience.

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