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From an early age, children’s heads are visited by the first dreams of who they want to become in the future. Naturally, as long as the children’s mind is not constrained by adult complaints, you will hear common phrases. Almost all children aspire to become president, ballerina or cosmonaut. As a rule, these are noble professions.

And you can see that they do not think about money and social benefits. They are guided by a minimum set of ideas about a particular profession and reproduce thoughts aloud. For adults, all these words sound absurd, they do not take young children seriously. However, some still manage not to betray children’s fantasies and not change their minds.

Of course, this is a chance for a million to become president of the country or go into space. But even such isolated cases prove to us that nothing is impossible if you really want to. This is a great merit of parents. If they help a child, teach him and do not torment him with excessive severity and care, then such a child will have a truly bright future.

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There are rituals that have been observed for centuries in many countries. Especially a lot of them in the gender field. Women are more often engaged in the humanitarian professions, while men are engaged in hard physical labor. But the 21st century and it is in the best degree unwise to divide professions between men and women. With LinkedIn shares, you will bypass all outdated installations.

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