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Of course, we are equally loved by society and being alone. When you spend time alone with yourself, we have something to think about. It is there even a couple of minutes that allow us to make the most necessary pause and not break the firewood, running through life at the fastest pace.

Do you say that you do not have such a moment during the day? Alas, this is absolutely not true. You can try to wake up half an hour earlier than usual. At this time, you can make useful notes, make a plan for the day and the current week. Thanks to such notes, you can, as it were, observe the past days and analyze where you were right, where you were useful, and what you did in vain.

Money and the material structure of the world is the most obvious thing that we can directly get. But your time is a free blessing that is given to you for a reason. You can waste years of purposeless existence, and at this time you can do many good deeds, save lives or study science and make meaningful discoveries.

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Now the word careerist sounds proud when we talk about men and sounds very bold when it comes to women. For some reason, still in most countries of the world, a woman is a bad mother and wife if she is not trying to succeed at work. LinkedIn endorsements protect you from beliefs that have been gained over many centuries of human history.

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