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100 Instagram
Story Views


1000 Instagram
Story Views

$5.99  $2.99

2500 Instagram
Story Views

$11.99  $5.99

5000 Instagram
Story Views

$23.99  $11.99

10000 Instagram
Story Views

$41.99  $20.99

15000 Instagram
Story Views

$59.99  $29.99

25000 Instagram
Story Views

$93.99  $46.99

50000 Instagram
Story Views

$175.99  $87.99

Viplikes and our topnotch services for Instagram.

We’ve prepared for our customers up to 50,000 Instagram story views available for purchase in one package. Due to this service being highly requested we’ve tried to arrange a decent range of amounts of views for Instagram story to make our services suitable for each client. Instagram story and views for it became very demanded around 2016 when stories first appeared as new IG options – that’s the time when most online promotion services began to add  Instagram story views to their menu for customers to purchase.

Our Instagram story views are delivered as fast as you post your new story to the profile – they start to gradually grow on your publication right after you put it online. This is why we can definitely claim that our services are of high quality and up to date with customers’ demands – no one would like to wait for views on their Instagram story when it comes to efficient and quick promotion.

If you’re willing to know if we are as good as we say – you can check out our clients’ comments on Instagram story views they’ve bought recently – those are right at the bottom of this category’s page. We have reviews from people all around the world – we’ve worked with different clients of versatile needs, some come for big amount of Instagram story views and add some other options to it, some want a small pack to check this service out.

Viplikes also shows extra support to clients by organizing regular sales and discounts – for example right now we have all the packages of views for an Instagram story discounted, some of them give clients an ability to drop nearly 50% of the original price. We count that as a great possibility to form a big order, which would include not only Instagram story views, but could gather several options for an Instagram profile to make your promotion faster, better and easier.

Why would you have to buy views on Instagram story if you could try to gain them yourself?

We don’t know why, but despite the fact of fast and progressive growth of online development sphere many people still think that purchasing views for story on Instagram is something they should keep their hands off no matter the case. Sadly enough, this strategy doesn’t work if you want your profile to really do the thing and promote your content the way it should be promoted to reach certain results. Instagram story views are hard to obtain by mutual following or liking, this is the type of service that has to be bought (as well as other options for Instagram).

Sometimes online promotion seems like a tainted thing that not so many people can get a hold on – but all you need to do to gain thousands of real views on story for Instagram is just cooperate with someone who know what they’re doing in online development. Viplikes has the best staff ever – our workers are experienced and educated promoters who know what you should start with to reach results in the shortest period of time. So, if you don’t know what to do here’re some options for you:

  • You can try to analyze your story on Instagram and its statistics – how many views it usually gets and how many you want to be there in terms of efficient online growth?
  • You can try to pick up a suiting package yourself – we’ve made enough options of packs for Instagram story views so each of our potential clients can pick up something suitable and payable in Instagram story views category – no matter what their aims and plans are.
  • And last but not least is you can get a professional consultation with our manager who’s waiting online for you right now – our workers will tell you how many views for your IG story are needed right now and what you could combine them with to reach results via story views faster. Usually we recommend to buy views on Instagram story with likes, followers and comments for regular Instagram publications – this is the strong base to make your profile grow and develop better than if you’d pay for Instagram story views only.

Viplikes made it easy for you: how to buy Instagram story views fast and safely.

We’ve tried to make things comfortable at best so on our website you can find a form under each available package of views for your page’s IG story – you only have to fill in the gaps and send us your contact info. Right after that our managers will pick up your order and will start instant delivery. This scheme has never let us and our clients down, everyone leaves satisfied and happy.

Due to the fact that our managers are online almost 24/7 you won’t have to wait for making an order – all that’s needed is some patience while your package is going to be delivered. After that all your cares are going to be in the past and the only thing to think about would be how to sustain your success with story views and when you should come back for more views on Instagram story for your account.

Now you know that online development (especially on Instagram) is something you should strive for – buying several options which would include views for story on Instagram – could make your life easier and you promotion much faster. We would recommend to look through other categories available for IG on Viplikes – it would help you to understand whether you need to invest in something else or you’re fine by that.

Come buy Instagram story views and make sure that online promo is actually fun, payable and really expedient – all you need is a tiny bit of help and guidance from online experts of Viplikes!