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All the comments are 100% real! Come from all over the world. You can sent to us your comments and we`ll place it. Comments start within 1 to 12 hours. Speed is average of 20 to 50 comments per day. Comments can be splitted between different post.

Please be sure that you insert correct YOUR PAGE URL and E-Mail.


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10 Facebook

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Viplikes and our services for Facebook.

Here on Viplikes we have a wide variety of stuff that could help you to promote your Facebook page – you can come and buy comments for Facebook any time you like and pick up an option that would suit your needs entirely. We put real comments for Facebook in packages which include different amounts of comments for Facebook – from 5 to 100 comments on Facebook per pack. Such range helps us provide options for each and every of our clients no matter what the causes and aims of promotion are.

Due to the fact that Viplikes provides Facebook comments only by cooperating with people on the Internet we can guarantee you that all these comments for Facebook are going to be genuine and permanent. There’s no way for you getting Facebook comments which will look like they’ve been composed by bot machinery – real people will write and leave you comments for your Facebook page, with no risk of them being discarded and deleted. Our methods are valid and legal – that gives you an opportunity to purchase high quality services and don’t risk your money while doing that.

Delivery is also on point – after you pay for your order of comments for your page on Facebook our workers will take on your package and will start delivering it to your profile. We set a high tempo from the very beginning – it will take us to deliver first comments in less than 24 hours, then, after 72 hours or a little bit less the whole pack of comments will be on your Facebook page. Viplikes never has any problems with delivery, no matter what your region is – we’ve worked with people all over the world and none of them left unsatisfied or unhappy with achieved results.

Our new customers most of the times become our regular ones from the first purchase of comments on Facebook or anything else they had a chance to purchase – they send us grateful comments and reviews as well. In case you want to see how exactly we’ve helped people to develop their resources online, you can check out reviews on comments for Facebook pages right at the bottom of this category’s page.

Why choose paid online promotion if you could do all of this yourself?

Some people think that if they are active enough on pages of other people they will have an opportunity to do mutually beneficial following, liking and leaving comments as well. Sadly enough, this strategy stopped working in the midst 2000s, when online development option was born and millions of people realized that they could pay money to attain comments on Facebook and also get paid to comment of Facebook as well. This is why business of online promotion was growing over time and now it’s a whole industry that offers clients many options – not only Facebook comments, but many other options for Facebook and other social media services as well.

Although from the first sight the whole process of purchasing comments on Facebook and giving a company directions on how you want those comments to look seems really hard, if you’d rely on professional help that Viplikes offers, you’d realize that this process is way easier actually than it’s shown by some services and people. Viplikes for example makes it possible to not only acquire comments for Facebook, but also gives an opportunity to become more aware of needs and aims – it doesn’t matter if it comes only to taking on a package of comments for Facebook or if you want to know how to organize the whole promoting campaign properly – our workers will gladly give you a hand of help.

How Viplikes made things easy: fast and quality purchase of comments for Facebook on our website.

You don’t have to do much if you decided to buy comments for Facebook from our site – just come by, pick a package, have a consultation if needed and here you go – your order is already in delivery. We’ve created a quick form which is available on the site under each pack of Facebook comments and makes ordering easy and extra quick – fill in the gaps and send it to our managers with your payment. As we’ve said, delivery won’t take more than 72 hours at its longest.

Our managers are online 24/7 – this is why you don’t have to wait to send us your order and maybe even your wishes for how you want your comments to look like. You can send this info in an email to our technical support mail address. Secure paying system “2checkout.com” adds to the quick timing of orders’ processing period – we offer our clients to use Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and some other options to pay for orders of Facebook comments safely and surely.

So, now you know that with just a tiny bit of help from a professional promoter you’ll be able to set a lucrative and payable online promotion using comments on Facebook and tons of other options – actually, Viplikes offers greatest discounts for many categories (unfortunately, comments for Facebook aren’t on sale right now but it’s pretty possible that they will be in the near time) which helps our clients to drop up to 50% from the starting price of packages.

We’re hopeful that this text has cleared out some things about online development for you and that now you’re aware of how much benefit can Facebook comments package bring to your profile. Come buy Facebook comments right now and make sure that all of this is 100% true – online promotion and growth can be so much fun with professional workers of Viplikes site!