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Today, we value several resources the most: time, money, and something else. Think about what conditions are key to you when you choose a profession, relationship, country for permanent residence? First of all, we try to preserve freedom.

In a broad understanding of the meaning of this word, freedom is the permissibility of being guided by your life within those limits, as long as they do not affect the boundaries of another person. In other words, where your limit of what is permitted ends, the limits of freedom of another person begin. You will definitely notice this when choosing a work schedule with a flexible or fee schedule.

You feel freedom when you choose a person to build a family so that you have time and personal space, and not a regime of authoritarianism and total control. When we choose a state to live in, we carefully study the legislation of this country and the basic unspoken rules by which its citizens live. And if they correspond to our ideas about freedom, then we accept these rules.

Plus, the most vivid example of the significance of freedom is that the main punishment for different types of crimes and misdemeanors in all states of the world, the most developed and traditional, is deprivation or restriction of freedom. Because it gives us the right to build a life outside the framework.

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